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Welcome to CiviHR Sandbox

CiviHR is an integrated Human Resource Management application designed to meet the needs of non-profit and third sector organizations.

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Any data you enter on this demo site is "publicly available" due to the open login. Please do not enter real email addresses or other personal information. The demo database is reset periodically.

New to CiviHR?
CiviHR will be developed in multiple phases. So far it comprises of the following functionality:

  • Directory - a listing of the people who work for an organisation (paid and unpaid)
  • Staff Contact Details
  • Identification
  • Medical & Disability
  • Visas & Work Permits
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Job Positions & Job Roles
  • Skills & Qualifications
  • Education & Employment History
  • Simple Remuneration Recording
  • Recording of Leave and Absences
  • Workflows to manage Joining, Probation and Exiting
  • Recruitment with an online job application process

For more information, please post your queries on the CiviHR forum board. To stay updated about new developments in CiviHR, please subscribe to the CiviHR blog.

Want to install your own copy of CiviHR? Information about downloading and installation can be found here.

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